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COST P21 Action

The COST P21 action on "The Physics of droplets" is a 4 year EU program that started at the beginning of October 2006.

The main objective of this Physics Action is to initiate a concerted European effort to develop the physics of droplets: Creation, manipulation, stockage, coating tiny quantity of liquid. It is also aimed at developing new devices to control the size and the mixing of droplets. This domain interests a large variety of domains: food science, pharmacology, lab-on-a-chip technology, medecine, painting, soldering...

16 countries have joined the Action :

AU, BE, BU, FR, D, GR, IE, IT, NL, NO, PL, RO, SL, SP, CH, UK 

2 countries have the intention to sign : SE, IL

Pilot Scheme with Australia and New Zealand



8th MC + WG Meetings of the COST P21 Action “Physics of Droplets” [13/07/2009]

23-25 September 2009: http://bubbleanddrop2009.web.auth.gr/B&D2009.htm

3 year position at Darmstadt [13/07/2009]

announcement for a Young Research Group to be established at the Center of Smart Interfaces. This position is open immediately and considerable resources are available to the selected candidate. Information: ctropea@gmx.de
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